The Juvenile Justice Program provides on-site counseling and related social services to youth in detention and/or on probation at the Juvenile Justice Center and to youth identified by probation officers as being in need of counseling services. Through collaboration, youth and their counselor identify goals to enhance healthy choices. Services include group, individual and family counseling. This program is fully supported by Galveston County’s Juvenile Justice Department.


The Oasis Program offers individual and family therapy to youth who have engaged in inappropriate, illegal and/or dangerous sexual behavior. As an effective alternative to residential treatment or juvenile incarceration, the Oasis Program utilizes protective and risk factor assessment that guides treatment and therapy services within an intensive Treatment Team/Community Care model. During this community-based treatment program, youth remain with their families.

The program follows current researched based principles and Texas licensing guidelines to effectively address the issues associated with children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. The dual emphasis on providing therapy services to the youth/family and ensuring the safety of the community are equally balanced. This program is funded by Galveston County’s Juvenile Justice Department.

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