Our mission is to promote the mental health and well-being of all individuals and families through counseling, education and prevention

Family Service Center of Galveston County

Family Service Center of Galveston County (FSC) is the only non-profit counseling agency in Galveston County that provides comprehensive outpatient mental health counseling services to its residents regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, diagnosis, or economic status.

We believe that the family is a basic and essential institution that needs to be supported and strengthened so that children, adults, and our communities can function well and live as optimally as possible. 

Family Service Center serves members of Galveston, Liberty and Chambers Counties.

We are a catalyst for change in 4 key issue areas:

Access to Mental Health Care

FSC provides accessible quality mental health care by continuing and increasing partnerships with schools, health clinics, churches and county offices to ensure a healthy Galveston County.

Parent Education

FSC believes in primary prevention and early intervention. In September 2019, FSC received funding to expand parent engagement through The Fatherhood Program, which is designed to engage Fathers and Father Figures in counseling, education, and prevention services.

Children at Risk

FSC helps Children At Risk by providing community-based services in Galveston County schools and at the Juvenile Justice Center to address the needs of kids struggling with a myriad of social, emotional, behavioral and educational concerns. FSC swims upstream to address the social determinants of mental health through the Adverse Childhood Experiences to Assets Collaborative and The Future is Us, a collaborative effort to improve resiliency, mental health, and well-being in everyday life for ALL members of the community, with a specific focus on children and youth of color and their families.

Victims of Crime

FSC supports victims of crimes like child abuse, domestic violence, assault, bullying, and many more, so they can get the support needed to recover and live safe and secure lives.    


Our work focuses on bringing Hope and Healing to those in need.

Scope of Service:

We provide high quality affordable and oftentimes free prevention, education, and mental health treatment services throughout Galveston County in various school, community-based, and office locations. FSC’s goal is to increase access to quality, affordable mental health care by being a resource to the community and providing services to increase hope, reduce the negative impact of trauma, build on strengths, and make positive changes. Primary emphasis has been on providing mental health services to individuals and families who have been affected by problems in living as well as traumatic life events that impact their ability to function as responsible and fully-functioning individuals. 

Family Service Center believes that the family, whatever its configuration or unique financial, living, familial and cultural dynamics may be, is the basic and essential institution that needs to be supported and strengthened so that children, youth and adults can pursue healthy, independent and fulfilling lives.